Jimmy Grima - Selected Works 2020 - © 2007-2020 JONATHAN GRIMA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Jimmy Grima is an artist-curator.

His trans-disciplinary practice is involved with the politics of memory and archiving.

 He is particularly interested in the disappearance of local and undocumented knowledge and has a great affinity for the relations between humans and nature.

 Coming from the Island of Malta, nature is everywhere and completely intertwined with daily life. Living in Europe now, it is striking how nature has been totally controlled and adapted to the human scale. Through stories and myths and scientific data, Jimmy tries to find histories, stories and sometimes tales that reconnect humans to their environment.

 He is the founder of the rubberbodies collective (2009).”rubberbodies began as a reason to come together and developed as a theatre and art group and it was initiated on the island of Malta, in 2009. Committed to being an evolving cast of contributors, in 2020 we install temporary collaborative structures to create and foster performative situations on the island and elsewhere”.

 In 2015 he started organising and curating the Windrose Project, a multi-locality community-led research which harvested local knowledge on winds and manifested in workshops in kite-making, local events, four public sculptures installed at the localities and a published transcripts of knowledge on winds which was gathered. This work was made in Malta in collaboration with the local authorities and non-artist such as fishermen, farmers, bakers and local councils.

 Song of a Bird (2018) is a living archive, documenting the ability to reproduce the sound of song-birds with the microcosm of nature enthusiasts, who can sing and call like migratory birds: the Maltese bird-trappers, one of them is his father. “From spending his early years with the birds, the trapper learns to call – constantly improving, learning with time. As you age, you figure out how to hone your whistle, ending up almost speaking the birds’ language. You don’t know what they’re saying, but you’re calling with them”- Michael Grima (Jimmy’s father). Bird trapping has been banned since June 2019 by the European Court of Justice.

 What goes into history books or is acknowledged as valuable knowledge has everything to do with power. Working with archiving is therefor often trying to have different forms of knowledge (oral, traditional, emotional, dreams etc) infiltrate existing archives.

     During his research at  DasTheatre (DasArts) he has further investigated the intertwining of site, communities, knowledge and memory. In Blurry Memories,: A Research Space he chose to work with the immediate and micro-community of DASTheatre, on the subject of documenting theatre and performance arts by directly interacting with the institutions’ archive space in the attic and exposing his findings back to the community. As a follow-up, Jimmy made An introduction to the DAS(Arts) Archives (2020), a guide for future generations and an introduction to the archive.

 In the summer of 2019 he started researching the phenomena of human-made earthquakes, after learning about the Groningen Gas Field. Kerogen Voices (2019) is a research on  man-made earthquakes caused by oil and gas extraction and the high-pressure injection of wastewater and chemicals into the earth’s crust. He intertwines scientific data and folklore, allowing multiple streams of facts and myths from the northern part of Europe to come together. The research has so far lead lead to a libretto to be sung and performed live in the theatre.

 In 2020 Grima graduated from Das Theatre with an MA in Theatre.

 In 2020-2021 Jimmy will be supported by 3PackageDeal from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Bureau Broedwoningen. This best practice in the field of talent development offers 15 international artists an individual development budget, living and working space, support and network in collaboration with fifty renowned Amsterdam organisations.

 This year Jimmy started researching the topics of explosions in Malta, drawing parallels between religious (ritualistic) bombs (the festas) and the historical (political) bombs.

 In Amsterdam he will be researching the notion of WATER and how it has been tamed by human.

 He is based both in Malta and in Amsterdam.


2018   Curator of 'Magna Zmien' (A online selection of a  home collection digitisation and collection project of obosolete media)

2016 (ongoing) Co-curator of 'Hoop for Prosperity' (An ongoing series of debates: co.cur. Isobel Dryburgh: Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

2015   Curator of 'Il-Pinnuri' (Video Art (10 min: digital HD), Sculpture (4 fibreglass sculptures) and Text (Transcriptions of Documentation): Spazju Kreattiv : prod.The Rubberbodies Collective

2014-2017 Curator of 'The Windrose Project' (Community and Site-specific project: Sliema, Mgarr, Marsaxlokk. Gharb : comm.Valletta 2018 prod. The Rubberbodies Collective)

2012   Producer and Designer of 'Oracle' (Site-Specific Silent Concert: 90 min: Hagar Qim Temples: host.Heritage Malta: prod.The Rubberbodies Collective: co.prod. Ultimae Records)

2008   Curator of 'The Red Book and the Exercises' (Collective Exhibition and Performance :General Workers Union - Valletta)

2007   Curator & Producer of 'Lixandra Project' (Micro Festival: Concert, Film Festival, Poetry Reading: Various Locations around Valletta - Malta Arts Festival)

Theatre/ Performance

2021    'Kaxxa Infernali(Explosions)' (co. prod.Spazju Kreattiv, The Rubberbodies Collective)

2020 (ongoing) Composer, Writer, Director, Performer of 'Kerogen Voices'

2018 (ongoing) Director, Writer and Performer of 'Nassaba: Song of a Bird' (Performance: 90 min: co, prod.Teatru Malta, The Rubberbodies Collective)

2017 (ongoing) Collaborator, Performer of 'Upstairs Geology' (Performance: 25 min: Das Theatre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

2015    Director, Producer & Designer of 'Ma Rridx Immur' (Drama: Maltese: 90 minutes: Valletta, MT co. prod. The Rubberbodies Collective, Arts Council Malta, Teatru Manoel)

2014    Director of 'The Pill' (Solo performance based on a research of medicalisation: 50 minutes: English/Russian: prod. The Rubberbodies Collective)

2013    Co-Writer, Designer & Producer of 'Hal Mitfa' (Street Theatre and Site Specific Theatre: 7 days: Maltese: the web - comm. Ziguzajg Festival: prod. The Rubberbodies Collective)

        Director, Producer & Designer of Grandma,'Temi & The Crimean Fever' (Site-Specific Theatre : 45min: comm. Science in the City: host. Ministry of Health. Prod. The Rubberbodies Collective

2012    Director, Producer & Performer of 'Old Salt' (Outdoor Theatre : 50 min : comm.Malta Arts Festival : prod.The Rubberbodies Collective)

        Director, Designer & Producer for 'Penelope Dust in Our Awakened Dreams' (DanceTheatre : 50 min: MITP, Valletta :

2011    Director, Designer & Producer of 'DUNKARM' (Performance Installation: durational: Splendid. Valletta: comm. Ministry of Education : prod. Therubberbodies collective co.prod Mavin Khoo)

        Director, Designer & Producer of 'White Sea (Bahar Abjad)' (visual theatre: 50 min: St, James Cavalier; prod.The Rubberbodies Collective )

2010    Director & Producer of '100'(Site-Specific Theatre: 50 min: Dock No.1 Cospicua: host.Grand Harbour Regeneration Project)

2009    Director & Performer of 'Grace u Rofflu' (Dance Theatre: MITP: Valletta: prod. The Rubberbodies Collective)

2006    Director of 'The Mountain Luggage' (Site Specific Theatre: ACAF, Alexandria, EGY)

2005    Co-director & Performer in 'The Story of M' (Physical Theatre: 50 min: Teatru Manoel,)

        Director of 'Child' (Theatre : 20 min: St James Cavalier - Valletta)

Film/ Video

2018 (ongoing) Writer, Director & Designer of 'Song of A Bird' (documentary: in development)

2013   Writer, Director & Designer of 'l-Iblah' (Short film: 10 min: Digital HD)

2010   Writer, Director & Designer of 'Lubien: Thoughts' (Short film: 20 min: PAL)

2008   Writer, Director & Designer of 'B420' (Short film: 10 min: PAL)


2017  'Pinnuri'. 20 pages ; pub. The Rubberbodies Collective

2012  Woven threads Recounting the creative process of 'Penelope Dust in our awakened dreams', 20 pages, pub. The Rubberbodies Collective

      Echoes of the Oracle : Writings on the Temples and Sound (20 pages, pub. The Rubberbodies Collective)

2010  Co-Author & Designer of 'Rubberbodies: A Trajectory Towards an Artist Collective', 72 pages: pub.  The rubberbodies collective

Installations & Exhibitions

2019   'S,O.A.B: The Choir',. Stereo Sound Installation. ComeTogether 4. Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam NL

2013   'L-Iblah', Immersive Installation: host. St James Cavalier. Valletta, MT

2011   20 Drawings, MT

2005   'Newton’s Laws of Motion'  (Performance Installation : St James Cavalier - Valletta, MT

       'Look and Feel’ (Interactive Installation : St James Cavalier - Valletta, MT

2006   'The Worker and his Friend' Drawings Exhibition, General Workers Union, Valletta, MT

collective exhibitions

2016    MADATAC,  cur, Dr Raphael Vella, Madrid, ES

2013    Duke of Edinburgh Room 36. cur. Austin Camilleri. Gozo, MT

        Maltese Landscape  drawings : Auberge D'Italie, Valletta, MT

2011    Science and Society cur. Lily Agius prod. Science in the City, Valletta MT


2009 – (ongoing).     Co-Founder (2009)and Artistic Director 2009-2019) of the rubberbodies collective (rbc) are an an artist collective. The collective places emphasis on innovative artistic productivity and is dedicated to developing a collaborative approach to contemporary performance, working with writers, designers, filmmakers, choreographers,performers, architects, historians and curators. For rubberbodies I directed 10 theatre and dance works, secured and managed 9 years of public funding and produced 15 projects. I also established a Board of Directors and oversaw the transition of the organisation as it became a registered partnership and now transitioning to a foundation. The collective’s repertoire consists of theatre productions, site-specific performances, concerts, plastic arts exhibitions, publications, films and installation works. Where possible, the rbc promotes new experiences and creates opportunities, supporting the art scene, through collaboration and contribution.

2014 -2017.           Leading Artist and Creative Producer of The Wind-Rose Project (“Il-Warda Tar-Riħ”) recovered memories from all four corners of the Maltese archipelago. Following

discourse and design sessions with local communities, artists with The RBC present their findings in sculptural form. The works

touch on a time-old Maltese connection to the elements and natural rhythms.

2008 –2008           Co-Founder and creative producer the Warehouse No.8 projects, the set and running of a temporary cultural venue in a former industrial warehouse in the harbour area hosting several performance events; running through a audience membership scheme and a crew of volunteers.

June 2010            Co-Founder of Patches Market a framework and a series of an events with the aim of bringing together talented makers, designers and stylists in one place. Having artistsand makers on-site taking the form of a market where you can find handmade items of exceptional quality.


2020   3 Packade Deal 2020-2021, Amsterdam, NL

Education and training

2018-2020  MA Theatre Das Theatre, AHK, Amsterdam, NL

2005-(incomplete) BA Theatre and Digital Art (First Year),Dartington College of Arts, UK

Other training

Great 7 Piano Practise and Theory (Trinity, Royal)

Grade 7 Sax Alto Classic (Trinity, Royal)

Personal Skills

Language: Maltese and English: mother tongues; Italian: very fluent; Arabic, Spanish, French: elementary Dutch: very basic

Driving License: Motorbike 125 ccdriving license, 30 mtr motor boat license